Nora Toutain
Nora Toutain // PASA Musik


Nora Toutain // PASA Musik
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  • country:Morocco
  • style(s):World Pop, Neo Soul
  • label:Good People Records
  • type:Band, Solo, Composer/Songwriter, Quartet, Quintet
  • artist posted by:PASA Musik


Nora Toutain is a Franco-Moroccan singer-songwriter, based in Montreal.

Rooted in an eclectic style due to her various influences, Nora plays with her “soulful” stamp on various rhythms and influences: Pop, RnB, Jazz, Soul and sometimes even Gnawa/Afro-Pop. Her ease and energy on stage charmed her audience, who often described her as having a "solar personality".

She made her debut with the improvisation collective Kalmunity, with which she was able to participate in the Montreal International Jazz Festival in the summer of 2017 and 2018. This same year, she completed her Bachelor's degree in Jazz Singing Interpretation at the University of Montreal. .

Since then, she has been working on her first album "Grounding Place Vol.I" with the financial support of FACTOR Canada, and Jeune Volontaire (Emploi Quebec). The album was unveiled in October 2020 and it was well received by the public and the media.

Since then, Nora has been able to present this latest opus at the 2020 edition of Pop Montreal, as well as at the 2021 editions of the "Folk Alliance International" showcase and the Afro Urbain festival, at the house of Haiti.

She is currently working on writing her second album, "Grounding Place Vol.II"