Sonido Pesao
Chele & Lunatico
Sonido Pesao
Sonido Pesao
Sonido Pesao
Sonido Pesao
Sonido Pesao


Modern electronic reggaeton/cumbia track about an impossible love story
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Modern cumbia-reggaeton with a colorful twist!
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  • country:Mexico
  • region:Québec
  • style(s):Hip Hop, Latin
  • label:Pasa Musik Productions
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • artist posted by:PASA Musik


Sonido Pesao is a Montreal group of original "Latin Urban / Latin Rap" music.
Their compositions mix energetically urban music, rap, cumbia and electronic music, all supported by Latin rhythms. The band, born in 2006 and previously named Heavy Soundz, now fully assumes his Hispanic identity by having translated his name to Sonido Pesao (heavy sounds).
The members of the group from Quebec and Latin America form an explosive mix: Chele (Ronald Lemus Barrientos) and Lunatico (Marco-Antonio Abal Aguilar) are the two rappers, singer, Ian Letter on drums, Javier Muñoz Maldonado on guitar and Julien Senez-Gagnon on bass and electronics.
Since the release of their album "Tumba Parlantes" in 2011, they have been touring Quebec and Canada, spreading their love of cultures and their contagious “joie de vivre”. They have participated in several major festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Festival des Nuits d’Afrique, the Pan American Games (Toronto 2015), the Gaspé Bout du Monde Music Festival, the CAM tour (2017 -2018), etc. Winner of the Sily d'Or Contest in 2012, they also collaborated with artists such as Boogat, Tomas Jensen, Ramon Chicharron, Lengualerta (Mexico), and were invited to Belle et Bum for the third time in November 2015.
They also won the Prix de la Diversité 2016-2017 & their song, “Sonido Pesao”, played 9 times in the tv show hosted by Guy A. Lepage, “Tout le Monde en Parle”. Real phenomenon when they perform, these beasts on stage came back on May 5th, 2016 with their album "Reir Para No Llorar" (better to laugh than cry).
Hailed as one of the best urban-Latino albums of the year in Canada both by the press and the general public, the album was a huge success, securing gigs at numerous large scale festivals.
In 2020, they strike back with their latest album ''TODO REVUELTO'', an absolute tour de force decidedly in tune with urban and latino culture from around the globe. The album features a mix of cumbia nueva, reggaeton, hip-hop and electronic music with a touch of old school that delivers a completely unique and contagious mix of influences and sound. Featuring many artists from different scenes and backgrounds such as Boogat, KNLO, Rebecca Lane, Madhi, Baby K and more, TODO REVUELTO is a colorful mosaic of music that is both grounded in the love and heritage of Latino culture, yet unmistakably eccentric and avant-garde.
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