Valérie Ékoumè

Valérie Ékoumè
Valérie Ékoumè // PASA Musik
Valérie Ékoumè // PASA Musik
Valérie Ékoumè // PASA Musik


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  • country:Cameroon
  • style(s):Global Fusion, World Pop
  • label:Val2Val Prod // Les disques Nuits d'afriques
  • type:Band, Quartet
  • instrumentation:percussion, pop group, guitar
  • artist posted by:PASA Musik


Stepping into Valérie Ekoumè's world will be one of the most interesting and fulfilling experience you may have. In her colorful world, Love is King and AfroPop is the music she chooses to express it.

After DJAALÉ in 2015, her second opus KWIN NA KINGUE released in November 2017 has been acclaimed by the press and the public.
As matter of fact it entered RFI’s TOP 10 African/ World Music album for 2017.

This project enabled the AfroPop singer to tour Europe and North America in such famous festival as Celtics Connection in 2020, the Festival International des Nuits d’Afrique or even SunFest in Canada, not only for shows but also presenting workshop as sharing African culture with the audience is one of her main goal. MONÈ MONÈ the third project will be released in 2021, in this new album, and with the help of Guy NWOGANG, Valérie EKOUME digs deeper into her Cameroonians roots, the result is Assiko or even Essèwè which are popular rhythms from Cameroun.

So get ready to dance !
From a musician family, Valérie EKOUME is a French Cameroonian singer based in France.
She grew up listening to various musical styles from congolese rumba, pop music artists (as Michael Jackson), to cameroonian Music. Singers like Miriam Makeba (Mama Africa) and Whitney Houston were, as she called them her virtual vocal coaches, as she learnt to sing with them.

Her life took a different turn when in 2004, she started actively working with Manu DIBANGO in the Soul Makossa Gang. Touring with this great musician for 8 year, was for Valerie one of the most incredible
experience of her life.

In 2005, she joint the American School Of Modern Music, in Paris specialized in musician training where she stayed for 5 years .
With many partnerships such as Coco MBASSI, ALAIN BARRIERE, Papa WEMBA, MEIWAY, the singer belongs to this new multicultural generation and is influenced by it.