Taksirat festival 2009, Main Night
Taksirat festival 2009, Main Night
  • event type:Festival
  • date:27 Nov 2010 - 05 Dec 2010
  • time:21:00
  • city/area:Skopje
  • country:North Macedonia
  • style(s):Electronic, Rock
  • event posted by:Password Production


Taksirat is an annual music festival in R. Macedonia dedicated to alternative rock, pop,punk electronic, and in particular, it has always strongly supported reggae and ska. It was established 1999 and so far there are 11 successful editions.

The whole festival lasts for one week, usually from 27th Nov. - 5th Dec and is located on different cultural locations in Skopje.

Besides the main music program, the festival is enriched with off programs like art performances, art films, theater plays, social campaigns that promote positive values between the youth population, promotion of new music releases, introducing yang and un-established artists with the audience and etc.

Popular artist that have already performed on the festival are: Iggy & The Stooges, The Stranglers, Transglobal Underground, Fun Lovin Criminals, The Wailers, Young Gods, Laibach, Alex Paterson (The Orb), Phil Hartnoll (Orbital) & Dj Tiga, Marky Ramone, The Roots, Neville Staples (The Specials), Dellinquent Habbits, Guano Apes, Juliette Lewis and many more.

TAKSIRAT FESTIVAL is part of the YOUROPE - The European festival association


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 editions … T A K S I R A T festival …

Late autumn, Skopje, Metropolis Arena, Youth Center Skopje, Havana Club, MOB… Different people & different music styles- gathering, friendship and positive energy flow. Exchanging ideas, exchanging experiences and exchanging telephone numbers J Concerts, workshops and seminars, music documentaries, theater performances, art exhibitions, CD’s and book promotions, social campaigns for education and raising awareness of young people (No Guns, Be A Volunteer, World Aids Day)…

“Taksirat” is an old Turkish word meaning “destiny” usually with a negative connotation. We have chosen this name because the initial idea of the festival was to express revolt against the bad conditions for music and culture in Macedonia at that time the idea for the festival was born. As the years went by, we learned that bad experiences have a good side – they make us think about what can be done to improve things and stimulate our creativity. They teach us and motivate us to be better persons, to work better and to share things, because only through sharing ideas, experiences, achievements and goods, life has a meaning and purpose.


In 2007 TAKSIRAT was rebranded in TAKSIRAT MTV Movement by the world music giant MTV, so the next two years, TAKSIRAT was the main promoter of MTV Movement campaign. The Movement stands for the progressive transition of Europe and young Europeans from the past of conflicts, separation and isolation towards the future based on tolerance and diversity.

Other achievements of the festival are:

•The festival with The Most Original Concept- Mix between the East and the West, rewarded on Storm of Change music conference in Dresden, Germany.
•The only one winter festival in South East Europe
•The Best Rock’n’Roll Festival on the Balkan Nomination
•The Best Overseas Festival nomination on the UK Festival Awards 2008 and 2009

Mission, Strategy and Goals of the Festival

Creating Macedonian Festival Brand which will be on a same level with the world famous music festivals and which will promote the positive way of thinking and acting based on friendship, mutual respect and the feeling of community despite all the differences; emancipation of the spirit and stimulation of creativity, and of course a lot of MUSIC, DANCE and FUN

By producing seven days festival program which would be rich, diverse, informative, esthetically exciting and which would stimulate the public to be constructive and innovative, and of course by a lot of socializing :)

•Arranging live performances of world popular musicians in Macedonia;
•Presenting local musicians and artist to the world audience through the contacts with the world musicians, managers, media;
•Creating a web of collaboration between the musicians and the people from the music business;
•Stimulation and promotion of contacts on the regional, European and world level in order to exchange experiences, opinions, ideas and future plans on the field of music and art in general;
•Promotion of new music trends and informing the audience about the newest accomplishments on the field of music;
•Presentation of the work of the young Macedonian musicians, artist and cultural activists in general.

During its 10 years existence, TAKSIRAT has managed to create its own brand with its own constant audience of 15 000 visitors. Judging by the interest of the public, this number could be even bigger if only the capacity would allow it.