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The foundation's purpose are to improve the development, exchange and diffusion of, among others, Latin-American art and culture, in an independent and intercultural basis. In this way, a contribution can be provided to the struggle against poverty, and to the exchange and maintenance of Latin-American culture.

We take care of artistically producing and promote festivals, conferences, concerts, recordings, books, graphic publicity.

This year, 2008, we're representing 'Astillero', tango de ruptura, from Argentine. They will be showcase at Lope de Vega Theater, next 1st November. Press conference: October 31st., 16.00 hrs, at FIBES.

Our stand: 2-U.10

You are welcome!

Maria Jose & Patchamama's Team

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Astillero, tango from Argentina to the world!

Astillero, tango from Argentina to the world!...

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