Pavadita Tango String Quartet

String Quartet, Tango..or is it? Sometimes featuring special guests, sometimes just string quartet 'solo'.

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The fiery passion of the tango meets the brilliance of the string quartet. From their roots in authentic Argentine tango, the Pavaditas travel from the milonga, to contemporary classical music via rock, pop and latin - all with sparkling original arrangements and compositions.
The quartet have diverse artistic interests and enjoy using these to broaden their musical horizons and seek new challenges. Whether exploring different musical genres or collaborating with other musicians, actors, dancers and artists, the Pavaditas enjoy putting their heart and soul into their work. They bring the raw power and intimate emotions of the tango into the here and now.
At Classical:Next19 pavadita presents two programs: "Air for Piazzolla", featuring Thierry Crommen (harmonica) and 'TANGUISTORIA, a tale of tango'.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2019
  • WOMEX 2018
stand number WOMEX 19: 1.30-1.33


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Air for Piazzolla

After many detours in different musical genres,...

TANGUISTORIA, a tale of tango

TANGUISTORIA, A TALE OF TANGO'The tango is really...