JAY Moreira
  • country:Cape Verde
  • style(s):Rap, Reggae
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • artist posted by:PG Booking

Line up

  • Elisa Floriana (Back Vocal)
  • Elisabete Veiga (Back Vocal)
  • Emílio (Drums)
  • JAY Moreira (Lead Vocal)
  • Juvenal Semedo (Guitar)
  • Patxa (Keyboards)
  • Zé António (Bass)


Jay Moreira, was born on the Island of Santiago in Cape Verde.
In Portugal, since the age of four, his musical career began in 1998 influenced by hip hop, reggae, funk and traditional African rhythms. He expresses himself in Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole and English. With 5 albums already, two of them released in Portugal: "So mi" in 2002 and "Okim Tchiga La" in 2005.
In 2006 he moved to Norway where he formed his band Jay Moreira & Bandidos. Together they released the album "Momento certo" in 2008 followed by "Sempri Bandidos" in 2011, which earned them several awards at the 2012 Cape Verde Music Awards in the categories of best electronic album, best reggae music and best hip hop music.
In 2013, in Cape Verde, together with fellow musicians and Cape Verdean producers, he released the album "Mi Cu Bó".
With frequent presence at festivals in his native Cape Verde and his adopted Norway, Jay also played in England (Africa Oyé Festival), USA, Luxembourg, Holland, Switzerland and France.