"The Soul of Pipa, Vol. 1" - Liu Fang

Liu Fang


The Soul of Pipa I: Chinese traditional and classical music -

This is the first of the three series of Chinese pipa music CDs interpreted by Liu Fang. It including 8 tracks from the ancient classical repertoire. No information about the composers is available.

Press review:

"... a virtuoso player of the pipa (and no slouch on the guzheng zither), as ably displayed on this CD of time-worn compositions from back home. She shifts nimbly from sparse passages that allow the pipa's sharp tones to blossom and breathe, to blistering runs that, in their density, would make flamenco masters weep. - Rupert Bottenberg, Montreal Mirror, March 21, 2002.

"... Liu's latest CD, Chinese Pipa Music From the Classical Tradition, features the unaccompanied musician working the pipa's four strings and 30 frets. The eight pieces convey haunting, almost cinematic soundscapes, as on A Moon-lit Night on the Xunyang River and Ducks Playing in Cold Water..." - BERNARD PERUSSE, The Gazette (Montreal), March 26, 2002.

The pieces
[1] Swirl snow decorating the evergreen 05:21
[2] A Moonlit night on the Xunyang River 10:38
[3] High mountain and flowing water 02:38
[4] Songs from the other side of the border 11:52
[5] Sunny Spring and white snow 3:02
[6] The moon is high 12:35
[7] Ducks playing in cold water 06:05
[8] The King Chu doffs his Armour 11:31