"The Soul of Pipa, Vol. 2" - Liu Fang

Liu Fang


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The Soul of Pipa, Vol. 2: Classical Chinese pipa music from the ancient to the recent -

This is the second of the series of three CDs for pipa solo interpreted by Liu Fang. It inludes 8 tracks of the most ancient repertoire till the recent compositions of classical styles, reflecting the time evolution of Chinese pipa repertoire.

Press reviews on this CD:

This CD is a veritable feast of alluring sounds, ranging from the eloquent and lyrical to the flamboyant and percussive. The varied soundscape produced by one player and one instrument is quite dazzling. Liu FangÂ’s masterly technique (e.g. tremolo, delicate harmonics, lyrical tunes, and boisterous percussive effects), as well as the music itself -- which is based on short sections characterized by ever-changing tempos and dynamics - all evoke an improvised and exciting quality. ... Definitely a CD to enrich anyone's musical palette and provide a sample of China's rich musical heritage, ... (The WholeNote Magazine, April 3, 2003)

... Son auditoire est littéralement transporté, envoûté. Elle obtient le même résultat avec ce merveilleux CD. Dès les premières notes de chaque pièce, nous tombons aussi en transe comme si elle ne jouait que pour chacun de nous, une intimité musicale hors de l'ordinaire (La Scena Musical, septembre 2003)

The pieces
[1] Zhu Yi and Wen Bo: Spring Rain
[2] Liu Tianhua (1895-1932): serenity
[3] Yang Jieming: New variation of Tang Dynasty Liuyao-dance
[4] Hua Yanjun (A-bing, 1893-1850): Great waves clean out sands.
[5] Traditional: The ancient tunes from Yingzhou
[6] Liu Tianhua (1895-1932): On the theme of an air to dance.
[7] Ying Rongzhu and Yu Xiaoguang: Songs of Zhaojun
[8] Traditional : The Ambush