"Notas de viajes" - Pilar Boyero

Pilar Boyero
Pilar Boyero - Notas de viajes
Pilar Boyero - Notas de viajes


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Pilar Boyero sings «Abre tu balcón»
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  • artist:Pilar Boyero
  • featured artist:Israel Rojas, Pablo Cano
  • release year:2021
  • style(s):Bolero, Flamenco
  • country:Spain
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Pilar Boyero


«Notas de viajes» is the seventh studio album by the Spanish singer Pilar Boyero. It was released on July 16, 2021 and recorded at Home Studio Atalaya studios. It is the second volume of the tribute album to the singer-songwriter, composer and poet Carlos Cano, which is a ballad, bolero and copla record.

Previously, in 2016, she published the album «Por siempre Carlos Cano». This proyect included the original band of the artist from Granada, led by the direction and arrangements of Benjamín Torrijo, who worked with Cano for 15 years. During the tour of the homonymous show, Pilar Boyero and Benjamín Torrijo performed songs that were not included in that album, so they thought that could create a second part, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of his death. At the end of 2020 they began to work on it and, at that moment, they met Pablo Cano, who is son of Carlos Cano, who was beginning to building a musical career, singing his father's songs. They connected right away, so they decided to record «Laila» together, which is a song composed by her father. Also collaborating on the album is the artist Israel Rojas, who is singer of the cuban duo Buena Fe, who performs with Pilar Boyero «Yo te amo ciudad», which is a song composed by Carlos Cano during a flight to Havana.

In 2022 it was nominated and awarded at the Cubadisco Awards in the Best International Album category. She recibed the award at the America Theatre in Havana.

Track listing:
01. «Abre tu balcón»
02. «El último bolero»
03. «Laila» (with Pablo Cano)
04. «Niña Isabel»
05. «Tango de las madres locas»
06. «Sonata de la Luna en Marrakech»
07. «Habaneras de Sevilla»
08. «Mi refugio son tus ojos»
09. «Dormido entre rosas»
10. «Yo te amo ciudad» (with Israel Rojas)