Souls Alive in the 305 20 Weeks in Top 20 NACC

20 Weeks in the Top 20 JOSE CONDE
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Jose Conde's latest album hits #16 on NACC World Music Chart North America. It is the 20th week in a row in the Top 20 for Jose now in a 3rd Genre (#1 Latin, #19 Soul) His 2022 album, Souls Alive in the 305 (305 referring to Miami’s area code) is rooted in his love for nature, appreciation for the absurd, and his Cuban-American reality. The sound is inspired by the musical landscape of his youth in Miami, which includes everything from soul and funk, breakbeat, Miami bass, disco rap, rock ‘n’ roll, Cuban music, to salsa. Bookings Inquiries at

article posted by:Jose Conde, PiPiKi Records