Summer 22 Global Funk and Soul from Jose Conde!

Souls Alive in the 305 (Jose Conde) Cover
Jose Conde Dancing


A travelogue of Miami in a funky Disco Rap is theTitle Track from new album
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Global eclectic pop artist Jose Conde latest incarnation is funky and fun! Out now and released in May 2022 on PIPIKI RECORDS, his new sonic journey into electric, eclectic, tropicalized, funky pop shows Conde re-emerged from the New York Afro Cuban music cocoon armed with Moog synthesizer, looper, vintage organ, wah-wah electric guitar, acoustic and electric beats, and an album of new signature songs. Souls Alive in the 305 is Conde’s ambitious second solo album and fifth overall following his critically acclaimed Cuban rooted eclectic work with OLA FRESCA. Souls Alive in the 305 was recorded between Brooklyn and Miami in a five-year span and produced by Conde with help from celebrated Miami musician and producer DJ Spam, aka Andrew Yeomanson. The album is already receiving critical praise from WNYC Soundcheck,, Sounds and Colours, and New Sounds.


His most diverse release to date, Souls Alive in the 305 grooves through a wide range of moods and continues Conde’s knack for blending rhythmic elements across genres seamlessly in memorable, lyrical songs rooted in his love and fascination of nature, his appreciation for the absurd, and for existential exploration, and in his own Cuban American reality. As he passionately explains, “My journey has taken me full circle back to a more pop approach and back to the city where I am from. After writing and producing so much Cuban music I have been gravitating towards funk and in this case the funky pop I heard prevalent in Miami while growing up…on the radio or spilling out of cars. Soul and funk, breakbeat, Miami bass, disco rap, rock n roll, Cuban music and salsa all co-exist in the Miami musical landscape of my youth.” The result is funky, eclectic, crossover pop, with 8 new songs written half in English and half in Spanish.

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