7th Annual Global Club Music Network Meeting

Building bridges for a funky future

Eli Levinson by Lionel Kizaba


Coordinated by Eli Levinson (Canada), Global Club Music Network

Returning for a 7th edition, the Annual Global Club Music Network Meeting will present an overview of networks and information that artists and professionals in the global electronic world music scene can use to strengthen existing links and create new ones, develop business opportunities, increase circulation for artists, and foster collaborative music projects. It will involve a brief discussion on breaking into markets in Europe, North America and South America. The main portion of the meeting will involve a longer discussion portion that could include breakout sessions on specific topics or among individuals. Discussions will centre on key touring routes, financing strategies, as well as issues of inclusion, representation and how to use music as a tool for social justice. The main outcome of the session will be for participants to meaningfully connect with each other.