Africa Express Presents: EGOLI

© Denholm Hewlett
© Denholm Hewlett
Denholm Hewlett & Otim Alpha


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Directed by Denholm Hewlett
Duration 35’ | English with English subtitles

Chronicling the creative process, intimate collaborations and fascinating characters behind Africa Express' EGOLI album, recorded in just one week in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2018. Featuring artists such as BCUC, BLK JKS, Blue May, Damon Albarn, DJ Spoko, Dominowe, Faka, Georgia, Ghetts, Gruff Rhys, Infamous Boiz, Mr Jukes, The Mahotella Queens, Moonchild Sanelly, Morena Leraba, Muzi, Nick Zinner, Nonku Phiri, Otim Alpha, Phuzekhemisi, Poté, Remi Kabaka Jr, Sibot and Zolani Mahola.

Denholm Hewlett is a 25-year-old film visual artist, film director, editor and photographer from London. He has made feature length and short documentary films as well as acclaimed music videos, short films and photojournalism projects. As a filmmaker, he has worked primarily with musical artists, which include Africa Express, Gorillaz, Metal Preyers, Teeth Agency, Otim Alpha and MF Doom.

Denholm Hewlett will be present at WOMEX 21.

Production Country and Year South Africa, UK, 2020 Producers Denholm Hewlett
Director of Photography Denholm Hewlett
Sound Nadia Chopra
Editor Denholm Hewlett