African Music To the World

What the world needs to know about African Music

Herman KABUBI by Truth From Africa
Jérôme Galabert by Sakifo Production
Pongo by Axel Joseph
Guy Marc Tony Mefe by Christian Abessolo


Chaired by Herman Kabubi (Uganda/USA), Truth From Africa

with Jérome Galabert (La Réunion), Francofolies La Réunion / Sakifo Music Festival / Sakifo Records Label and Publishing Company;
Guy Marc Tony Mefe (Cameroun), Scène d'Ebène;
Pongo (Angola), Artist

The African continent has a lot of old, native Music. Some of which the rest of the world have tapped into, but still, a lot hasn’t been exposed. Several new sounds and styles keep coming up on the continent and need to be shared with the world.

The session will explore African music and content in a broader aspect while exposing the old, native music and the new sounds and how best the world out there can benefit from it.