Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7)

(South Korea)

ADG7 by Park Dong Jun


Ak Dan Gwang Chil’s declared aim is “to express the true meaning of liberation and South Korea’s desire for unity”. To accomplish this, they have created a vividly contemporary Korean soul review, drawing on the shamanistic ritual music known as gut and the minyo folk songs from the Hwanghae province of North Korea.
Using traditional instruments like the gayageum and ajaeng (zithers), piri (reed flute), daegeum (bamboo flute), janggu drums and other percussion, they joyously extract and enhance the groove potential of the ritual rhythms, driving along the call and response chants, fronted by the charismatic figure of singer Hong Ok. The band was formed in 2015 to participate in the 70th anniversary celebrations of Korean liberation from Japanese occupation and have since performed on festival stages in Russia, the USA, South America and Europe.

Kim Yakdae - daegeum
Lee Manwol - piri, saenghwang
Grace Park - ajaeng
Hong Ok - vocals
Sunwoo Barabarabam - percussion
Myeong Wol - vocals
Wol Seon - vocals
Weon Meondongmaru - gayageum
Chun Gungdal - percussion

Sponsors: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism / Korea Arts Management Service