All Promoters Network Meeting

How to bring your festival or concert into public radio

Photo Credit: M. Mann

Coordinated by Paul Bräuer (Germany), Piranha Arts AG

This is the annual meet-up for all promoters, festival makers, bookers and music event organisers at WOMEX. As always we will exchange and network in this semi-formal setting. But also offer some useful insights by way of special topic: After we have looked into what a promoter actually may be and at what differences and similarities there are between promoters for different music audiences in the last years (, this year we want to turn our attention to media coverage and broadcasting.

The ‘programme exchange’ of the European Broadcasting Union and its partners, including the major public radio stations of Europe and worldwide, celebrates 50th anniversary this year. With the so-called ‘pink offer’ broadcasts recorded in one country can be shared amongst their entire worldwide network.

How do you break into that powerful pool? What does it take to make your musical event interesting for the national broadcaster, how and when to reach out to them?
They are at WOMEX, let’s ask them in this session.