Aquilo que eu nunca perdi

© Marina Thomé
© Penna Prearo
Marina Thomé


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Directed by Marina Thomé
Duration 84’ | Portuguese with English subtitles

Aquilo que eu nunca perdi tells the story of Alzira E, a pioneering artist from a small town close to the Brazilian Pantanal and the Paraguayan border, one of the country's most conservative and patriarchal places. She has broken barriers all her life and became a role model in the urban and underground scene of São Paulo, where she migrated as a young mother of five children. Alzira E: a 63-year-old rock band leader, and a woman ahead of her time.

Marina Thomé works as a director and researcher for multimedia platforms and experiments with portraits, archives, and soundscapes. She is the co-founder of Estúdio CRUA, an award-winning production company that connects new media and social impact.

Marina Thomé & Marcia Mansur will be present at WOMEX 21.

Production Country and Year Brazil, 2021
Producers Marcia Mansur, Ivy Almeida, Paula Lion, Thaisa Oliveira
Director of Photography Marina Thomé
Sound Ricardo Zollner, Simone Alves, Ariel Henrique Editor Marina Thomé