Artists as Terrorists?

The global threat of anti-terror legislation to artistic freedom

Paige Collings
Yalda Yazdani

Chaired by Paige Collings (UK/Denmark), Freemuse

with Yalda Yazdani (Iran/Germany), Zeitgenoessische Oper Berlin
and a contribution of Jasmina Lazovic (Serbia), Freemuse;

Artists across the world are being attacked, detained, prosecuted and imprisoned as a result of misuses of antiterrorism legislation. Rhetoric about the need for heightened national security measures, combined with the introduction of provisions designed to counter acts considered to be inciting or glorifying terrorism, have restricted artistic freedom. This alarming trend indicates that some governments, in their efforts to assure national security, tend to misuse the vague and overbroad definitions of what constitutes terrorism to undermine expressions.

In this WOMEX session, Paige Collings and Yalda Yazdani will discuss the worsening trend of counterterrorism being misused to silence artistic expressions and collaboratively map out potential advocacy and mobilisation tactics that are being used to uphold freedom of expression whilst also protecting against terrorism.