(South Korea)

Photo Credit: Seung Hwan Roh


Bringing the far East together with the far-out West, rising Korean band Aux draw on their traditional roots to shape their expansive approach to psychedelic rock music. Pansori is a story-telling singing style associated with Korean opera and lead vocalist Eunkyung Min adopts the octavejumping characterisations into the band’s sweeping progressive-rock arrangements. Wailing melodies and solos on the traditional reed instruments taepyoungso and piri add a wild intensity to the hard-edged electric bass – played in the percussive style of the Korean geomungo zither – and the rocking rhythm section of drums, electric guitar, keyboards and Korean percussion. The band say they didn’t come together with a grand mission to do something with traditional instruments, it just happened and one thing led on to the next. A traditional process of psychedelic osmosis.

Woosung Lee - percussion
Eunkyung Min - vocals
Jiyoung Park - piri, taepyoungso
Siwon Lee - bass guitar
Moojin Chen - guitar
Younggoo Jang - drums
Daeun Chung - keyboard