Guinea Bissau/Cabo Verde/Portugal


Bandé-Gamboa grew out of a project initiated by Portuguese producer Francesco Sousa that eventually emerged as the album, Horizonte - Revamping Rare Gems from Guinea-Bissau and Cabo Verde, in 2020. The aim was to reinterpret classic songs from the two countries with musicians from both, in the spirit of the vision of Amilcar Cabral, the intellectual force behind their independence, whose dream was to have them forever united. The result was a joyous meeting of two popular styles; the punchy accordion-driven funaná of Cabo Verde and and the rhythms of the Bissau-Guinean traditions of gumbé, bringing together their shared elements of African, Brazilian, Caribbean and Latin music into a fresh fusion that celebrates the roots and pushes them forwards, delivered by an expert inter-generational team of players and singers.