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Bani Hill Band
Bani Hill Band


The seven-strong band from Tbilisi are adept purveyors of the famous polyphonic singing tradition of Georgia, but they are also flying the flag for the lesser known instrumental folk styles of the region, bringing in dances and songs from around the Caucasus, expertly played on the emblematic Georgian instrument, the three-string panduri, accordion, frame-drum and given an extra shot of modern energy with the addition of keyboards, bass guitar and drums.
The band came together in 2011 and were playing on the streets of Tbilisi when they were heard by music producer Chabuki Amiranashvili who took them into the studio. The results brought them widespread acclaim in Georgia and since then they have gone on to tour in Belgium, Israel, The Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Austria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Belorussia, Korea and Russia.

Mate Pirtskhelava - panduri, vocals
Raul Bitsadze - panduri, vocals
Besik Metreveli - accordion, vocals
Goga Nikoladze - bass guitar
Gela Gogishvili - drum doli, vocals
Besik Kvitsiani - keyboards, vocals
Beqa Miqadze - electronics drums, vocals