Beirut Dreams in Color



Directed by Michael Collins
Duration 28’ | English, Arabic with English subtitles

At a concert in Cairo, the biggest band in the Middle East, Mashrou' Leila, energises a crowd of 35,000 people. On stage, the charismatic lead singer, Hamed, the first openly gay rock star in the Arab world, faces a sea of swaying flickering lights. Among the incandescence, a fan raises a giant rainbow flag, capping off a magical night. Beirut Dreams in Color is, simultaneously, a rare and nuanced look into the LGBTQ politics of the Middle East and a moving testament to the power of music and the universal desire for freedom.

Michael Collins is a two-time Emmy® and Grierson nominated filmmaker and the founder of Thoughtful Robot, a film production company committed to telling stories that inspire, connect and galvanise change.

Production Country, Year US/UK 2022
Produced by Guardian Documentaries
Co-produced by Thoughtful Robot Productions
Producers Sarah Kaskas, Marty Syjuco, James Costa
Executive Producers Parry Kim, Lindsay Poulton, Jess Gormley
Director of Photography Adrian Hartrick, Benjamin Henretig, Clarissa de los Reyes
Sound Michael Collins
Editor Michael Collins