Betsayda Machado + Parranda El Clavo


Photo Credit: Wladimir Marcano


The remarkable voice of Betsayda Machado is rooted in the soil of Venezuela’s Barlovento province and its Afro- Venezuelan history. She grew up there in the small town of El Clavo (population: circa 1,500) and started singing as part of the local percussion and voice ensemble, La Parranda El Clavo. For nearly 30 years they’ve performed at town festivities, funerals and celebrations, preserving the style of tambor, a cultural legacy of African slaves brought to work in the cocoa plantations. Betsayda relocated to Caracas in her early twenties, becoming fêted as the voice of black Venezuela, but she retained the connection to her roots and in 2016 brought her producer to El Clavo for some location recording with La Parranda. Fun was had, a crowdfunded North American tour followed and now they’re coming to celebrate with you.

Betsayda Machado - vocals
Nereida Machado - dance, vocals
Ote Gomez - vocals
Orheo Gomez - percussion, dance
Youse Cardozo - percussion
Blanca Castillo - percussion
Oscar Ruiz - vocals