Beyond "Free and Open to the Public"

How do we truly create access and equity for all communities?

Ariana Hellermann, by Zandy Mangold
Alfredo Caxaj, by Ian Davies
Jean-Benoît Falisse, by Amani Festival

Chaired by Ariana Hellerman (USA), Ariana’s List; with Jean-Benoît Falisse (Belgium/UK), Amani Festival

In this industry, we have the beautiful opportunity to share cultures from around the world in our home countries. Those of us with festivals that are free and open to the public have the additional luxury to connect more deeply with people that may not have the income to support a music-going habit. How do we create access and equity for ALL communities and cultures in presenting music from around the world? Learn from festivals that have consciously explored ideas of equity via their missions, goals, and programming and come ready to share your own experiences. This will be followed by a brainstorming session on approaches and tools that may help us progress on this front together.