Black Flower


Photo Credit: Kjell Gryspeert


Belgian globalistas Black Flower follow a holistic approach to their take on Ethiopian jazz and funk, stirring in solid Afrobeat grooves, free-jazz flourishes and Middle Eastern and Balkan dub essences to create an organic synergy that simply connects. The bandleader is saxophone and flutes-of-all-nations specialist Nathan Daems, whose insatiable musical curiosity is marked by his myriad concurrent projects including the Antwerp Gypsy-Ska Orchestra, the Karsilama Quintet and the Ragini Trio. In Black Flower, he is joined by a team of Brussels-based specialists from different backgrounds who have forged an intuitive interplay over three albums. The latest, Artifacts, is structured around a surreal spiritual experience that Daems had in Greece, which may have been an encounter with a music cult communicating with other music cultures across space and time. Or maybe a dream. Whatever, it’s about healing the soul.

Nathan Daems - alto & baritone saxophone, ney, washint, kaval, flute
Jon Birdsong - cornet, cornetto, sea shells
Filip Vandebril - bass
Niels Verheest - keys
Simon Segers - drums