Brand Aid

How to effectively tell your story as an artist

Alexandra Petropoulos
Tamsin Davies
Oliver Burton, by Recording Earth

Chaired by Alexandra Petropoulos (USA/UK), Songlines Magazine with Tamsin Davis (UK), Theatr Mwldan;
Oliver Burton (UK), Recording Earth

We live in an age of rapid-fire information, where the world is literally at our fingertips; we can stream videos, read tweets and share music in the blink of an eye, and having a cohesive brand as an artist has become all the more important. You’ve spent the time honing your music, but a solid and compelling story is likely to get you noticed before anyone hears a single note. Finding your narrative niche and consistently telling that story across all outlets – in photos, videos and press releases – is imperative to building a fan base. This panel will discuss how to best uncover and market your brand. Followed by a Q&A.