Can We Convert Online Interactions Into Real Life Friendships?

Which social skills are needed to succeed in creative industries?

Matt Parsons, by Ditto Music
Javier Lopez
Gabrielle Lyn Gardiner
Magdalena Jensen

Chaired by Matt Parsons (UK), Ditto Music
With Magdalena Jensen (USA/ Poland), Chimes Agency; Javier Lopez (Spain/ UK), Reed Midem;
Gabrielle Lyn Gardiner (UK), Recording Artist, Ditto Music

With a global reliance on social media, email chains and virtual ‘friends’, when attending conferences, meetings and events, what social skills do we need to succeed in creative industries in 2017 and beyond?

This session will look at the ways we can all evolve our social skills to better harmonise with different cultures, how we can develop our digital network into real-life friendships and how social interactions affect all corners of the creative industries.

Attendees are encouraged to share their own cultural viewpoints on the themes: learning from each other is how we evolve.