(cancelled!) Social Engagement Made Easy

Creative engagement in music events involving all-benefit thoughts

Photo Credit: Jan Traupe

Chaired by Tania Tchorzewski (Germany), Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.

While it is desirable to involve social engagement in the context of music festivals, pure charity concerts and frank collecting can compromise the flow, quality image and atmosphere of a musical event or festival today – or it can enhance all of these! Calls for social action must evolve together with the mindsets and behaviour of a new generation of audiences. New opportunities for donation acquisition and the raising of awareness and action can be found, key to success is probably the ‘fun factor’ of creative approaches.

As a good practice example in this, Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli (VCA) is probably the most creative and innovative NGO in Germany. Having started to fight for fresh water access worldwide with collecting cups on concerts or e-kart competitions in football stadiums, they have evolved to block parties at the Reeperbahn Showcase Festival and various collaborations with the biggest festivals in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. VCA repeatedly manages nearly 50,000 voluntary supporters for campaigns. Some of their most remarkable projects involving music are art prints for various releases made for star musicians releases or their own 4-day-festival ‘Millerntor Gallery’ with about 17,500 visitors.

Together with festival makers and other NGOs, we would like to discuss in this session how you can trigger social action and enhance your music event or project at the same time.