Caracoles is a mestizo music group from Tenerife known not only for their energising mix of rumba, flamenco and cumbia styles, but also for their work in solidarity with refugees fleeing the international war zones. Formed in 2008, Caracoles became a popular covers band but in 2015 the growing refugee crisis compelled them to do something.

They began writing their own songs, using their upbeat mestizo sound to convey more serious messages. In 2016 they ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to finance a journey to Greece alongside the organisation Pallasos en Rebeldía, where they performed in refugee camps. Their experiences imbue the songs on their third album, Flores, which they took on tour through Spain earlier this year, raising money for Proactiva Open Arms, an NGO working to rescue refugees in the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea.

Nuria Hernández - vocals
Fabián Rosquete - percussion, vocals
Germán Cuesto - Spanish guitar
David González - keyboards
Luis Pérez - drums
Pedro García - electric bass