© Joana Lourenço, Ana Manana
© Joana Lourenço, Ana Manana
© Joana Lourenço, Ana Manana


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Directed by Joana Lourenço & Ana Manana
Duration 16’ | Portuguese with English subtitles

A short documentary about a Portuguese-Brazilian DJ couple, who introduced Brazilian funk music to Lisbon's nightlife. They created an alternative and queer-friendly space supporting and promoting new projects, with a strong message of female empowerment. The documentary was recorded in spaces and contexts that no longer exist, due to the city‘s gentrification. In addition to a portrait of a young community, Caravagyo is also a record of today's Lisbon, its agents and events.

Ana Manana and Joana Lourenço both studied Communication Design at the Fine Arts School of Lisbon, and at the Kino-Doc documentary course where they directed Caravagyo. They are studying Visual Anthropology at Nova University in Lisbon and are preparing a new short O Pomar to be shot in 2022.

Joana Lourenço & Ana Manana will be present at WOMEX 21 and there will be a Q&A after the screening.

Production Country and Year Portugal, 2020
Produced by Kino-Doc
Producers Joana Lourenço, Ana Manana
Director of Photography Joana Lourenço, Ana Manana
Sound Francisco Marujo
Editor Joana Lourenço, Ana Manana