Care-Centred Artist Management

Soft tactics for growth and survival in a harsh industry

Phoebe Smolin
Allie Silver by Angie Smith
Edgar Valente by Joana Vaz Silva
Phoebe, Silver, Valente


Chaired by Phoebe Smolin (USA), Locamotive;

with Allie Silver (USA/Germany), Free Radical Productions;
Edgar Valente (Portugal), artist

As artists and professionals working behind the scenes, we are all forced to work within a system that can often feel overwhelming. It is an industry that is constantly changing and often prohibitive in the way it functions – especially post-pandemic. Care in this world is rebellious and therefore vital and powerful. This conference session is geared toward all of us – artists and the angels behind the scenes. We will cover some common challenges that come up in various aspects of the artist development process and how to approach them in a care-centered way – from negotiating record deals while considering an artist's well being, to touring as a highly sensitive person, to setting social media schedules that don't drain you, and more.

Led by three industry professionals with over ten years of experience, you will leave this panel reassured and equipped with new tools to take on new challenges and reshape what it means to grow in this industry.