Central & Eastern European Networking Session

Martyna van Nieuwland by Eric van Nieuwland.
Alona Dmukhovska by Andriy Maximov
Svitlana Lenchenko by Olga Piatak.
Martyna van Nieuwland by Eric van Nieuwland, Alona Dmukhovska by Andriy Maximov, Svitlana Lenchenko by Olga Piatak by Andriy Maximov
Andras Lelkes

Coordinated by Martyna van Nieuwland (Poland), Katowice City of Gardens; András Lelkes (Hungary), Hangvető

with Alona Dmukhovska (Ukraine), Music Export Ukraine; Svitlana Lenchenko (Ukraine), Ukranian Institute

On 24 February 2022 the world changed. Russian aggression towards Ukraine has been a tragedy for the cultural heritage and life of Ukrainian artists. During the session we will discuss the situation and role of Central and Eastern European countries during the war and how we can support Ukrainian musicians and institutions, with speakers representing Ukrainian Institute and Music Export Ukraine.