Clubbing On Screen

A/V Media: Document, enhancement, alternative space for nightlife cultures

Batida aka Pedro Coquenão
Rebecca Salvadori by Henerico Rossi
Natalie Gravenor


Chaired by Natalie Gravenor (USA/Germany), filmokratie

with Batida aka Pedro Coquenão (Angola/Portugal);
Rebecca Salvadori (Italy/UK)

The relationship between moving images and moving bodies on a dancefloor is deep-rooted and multi-faceted. Since the 1950s, films have introduced club subcultures to those outside the inner circle, inspiring imitation, bringing diversity and progressive ideas to a wider audience, but sometimes also caricaturing or exploiting them. Film, video and digitally generated images also figure in the club itself, creating in the best case a synaesthestic expereience. With the closure of clubs due to COVID-19, the audiovisual sphere has gained a new dimension, becoming a crucial alternative space for club culture communities, through live streams of DJ sets, videocasts and more innovative formats. This panel brings together filmmakers, musicians and club culture activists to explore past, present and most importantly a mutually beneficial future relationship between nightlife and film.