Consultations, Campaigns: the music sector raises its voice!

European Agenda of Music, Take a Stand, and more. Join the movements!

Photo Credit: Felipe Dragon Aguirre
Photo Credit: Christoph Neumann
Photo Credit: EMC

Chaired by Christine Semba (France/Germany), Piranha Arts AG;
with Fruzsina Szép (Hungary/Germany), Lollaplaooza Berlin
Ruth Jakobi (Germany), European Music Council

In the current political and economic environment, it is becoming more important every day to speak up and join forces in order to defend our musical activities and the human values our communities are standing for. Consultations and campaigns are great tools of mobilisation.

Discover great initiatives (which you might join?) and how they work.
Shaping the European policies in order to support the music sector: the European Music Council runs the European Agenda for Music consultation, its goal has been to address the specific and growing needs of the sector, and to set out priorities for the future.

The session will feature a representative of the European Commission who is working on the development of specific programmes to support the music sector.

Take a Stand: How music professionals have become a loudspeaker for peace, dialogue and inclusion against fear and exclusion.