Cumbia Que Te Vas De Ronda

© CQTVDR (Cumbia Que Te Vas De Ronda)
Pablo Coronel


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Directed by Pablo Coronel
Duration 87’ | Spanish, Japanese, English with English subtitles

Cumbia Que Te Vas De Ronda crosses continents in search of answers: what is cumbia and how does it create such joy? In this vivid experimental documentary filmed between Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Portugal, the Philippines and Vietnam, we hear about memory and identity, rites and the sun, Afro-stanzas and drumbeats. Cumbia is wild – it doesn't need expert dancers. Bodies fill with energy when those rhythms sneak in. Across oceans and in distant lands, the feeling is always the same.

Since 2004, Pablo Coronel has created music videos for Los Pericos, Gondwana and others, and edited live concerts for Mexican bands such as Fobia, Elefante and Reik. His work with channels such as TV Azteca, National Geographic and PBS has taken him to Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Peru and Brazil.

Pablo Coronel & Olmo Marín will be present at WOMEX 21.

Production Country and Year Argentina, Bolivia, 2020 Produced by Pensilvania Films
Co-produced by Rodante Films, Vinter House
Producers Facundo Escudero Salinas, Nicolas Munzel Camaño, Analia Bogado
Director of Photography Pablo Coronel
Music Olmo Marín
Sound Gaspar Scheuer, Luciano Huarte, Lisa Marie Radtke
Editor Pablo Coronel