Dakh Daughters


Photo Credit: Igor Gaidai


Welcome to the Dakh Daughters' freak cabaret: a dark, smoky den of sweet dreams and dark nightmares where burlesque meets Grand Guignol, garage-folk meets traditional song, Shevchenko meets Shakespeare, Brodsky meets Bukowski and Mireille Mathieu punches Marilyn Manson. Seven actresses from Kiev's Dakh Contemporary Arts Centre swap roles and musical instruments to create a life-affirming performance about love, freedom and beauty which at the end of the day will save the world, but only when human failings such as greed, hate and lust for power and dominance are exorcised. This they attempt to do with a powerfully provocative repertoire of stories accompanied by scraping cello and contrabass, percussion, piano and panting squeezebox, like a punk Palm Court orchestra on acid, mischievously veering between rage and parody, profundity and absurdity. All singing, all dancing. Come inside.

Vladislav Havrylyuk - director
Tetyana Havrylyuk - actress
Ruslana Khazipova - actress
Solomiia Melnyk - actress
Ganna Nikitina - actress
Nina Garenetska - actress
Nataliya Halanevych - actress