Decoding Latam for World Music

A close look at Mexico, Colombia and Chile

Ana Rodriguez
Enrique Blanc
Tomás Muhr


Conference Session 12
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Chaired by Ana Rodriguez (Mexico), Troker / IMMF;

with Tomás Muhr (Chile), IMESUR / MIUSIC;
Enrique Blanc (Mexico), FIM GDL

Latin America is one of the great promises of the music industry, but what place does world music have in three markets in the region: Mexico, Colombia and Chile? We will start our dissection with an overview of how live and recorded music are consumed and where the opportunities are. To address the particularities of each country, local key players will be able to help us delve deeper into each market and understand how artists can build routes from here to other countries. Attendees will receive valuable information for decision-making. We will address cultural factors, the structure of live circuits, the key players, the most important meeting and entry points, and we will touch on the case of international artists who have managed to establish themselves in these territories.