Decolonising Artistic Practice

The indigenous music wave in Canada

Derek Andrews, by Kevin Kelly
Alan Greyeyes, by Danielle Morrison
ShoShona Kish, by Ratul Debnath

Chaired by Derek Andrews (Canada), Global Cafe
With Alan Greyeyes (Canada), Manitoba Music
ShoShona Kish (Canada), musician

This session is planned as an open conversation and invites a profound exchange and collaboration around the theme of how musical legacies are passed down through generations, keeping musical traditions alive, avoiding cultural appropriation and the music fields’ roles and responsibilities. The session will include many additional (panelists) speakers ‘from the floor’ including artists, managers, programmers, labels, media and others, to explore this important topic in depth and on many levels in a lively and inclusive format.

Come and join in a lively conversation and an in-depth exchange on a thriving topic of our time and scene.