Designing Sustainability in Arts Funding/Financing

Ouafa Belgacem
 Philip Küppers
Rima Mismar


Chaired by Ouafa Belgacem (Tunisia), CFW

with Philip Küppers (Germany/Senegal), Goethe-Institut;
Rima Mismar (Lebanon), Arab Fund for Arts and Culture

Finding funding to carry out work is one of the most common challenges for any creative organisation. The COVID-19 crises have exposed the financial vulnerability of the art sector. Therefore, it is time to rethink, redesign and actualise sustainability of the cultural and creative sectors with high financing in the agendas and the discussions again.

While tackling sustainability in its financial dimension, the panellists will bring different perspectives from institutional and private sector players. The speakers will debate shortages in art grantmaking, including investment strategies and approaches, and discuss barriers to sustainability such as short-term funding cycles, micro granting, complexity, and accessibility of resources for artists.

This discussion aims to develop alternatives and point out what artists need to know and what donors need to consider to make the system more sustainable and equitable.