Diasporas Preserving Communities

Transforming societies through music and culture

Tedra Wilson
Rita Maia
Boima Tucker

Chaired by Boima Tucker (Sierra-Leone/USA), managing editor, Africa Is a Country.

with Tedra Wilson (USA), filmmaker, musician & creative director
Rita Maia (Portugal), international DJ, broadcaster & filmmaker

Dark City Beneath the Beat and Lisbon Beat, two films part of this year's WOMEX Film Programme, explore how two different communities of the African diaspora in the US and Portugal, grapple with social marginalization through cultural expression. How do the experiences of people in these two communities reflect each other, and how can creativity inform the formation of an international politics of solidarity and reparation? This discussion is pertinent looking at how the world continues to be characterized by global movements and music as an important tool for negotiating these spaces and settings. Moderated by Africa Is a Country managing editor Boima Tucker, the session features Dark City Beneath the Beat’sdirector Tedra "TT The Artist" Wilson and Lisbon Beat director Rita Maia.

This session is now over and you can watch it through the video-preview below. To read the opening statement by Boima Tucker please click the link under the "Links" section on the left.

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