Digital Culture Network: Getting Started with Online Retail

Learn how to set up an online shop

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Emma Roberts
Tiina Hill & Emma Roberts
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  • event type:WOMEX 20 Conference Session
  • date:22 Oct 2020
  • time:12:00 - 13:00
  • venue:Online Event
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts


Chaired by Tiina Hill (Finland/UK), senior manager, Digital Culture Network - Arts Council England

with Emma Roberts (UK), tech champion for eCommerce and merchandising, Digital Culture Network - Arts Council England

Practical session for those who want to set up an online shop but don’t know where to start. You will hear more about Arts Council England’s Digital Culture Network and how it is supporting digital skills development.
The network Tech Champion for eCommerce, Emma Roberts, will deliver this webinar to learn the fundamentals and execution of launching a successful online shop. Including music and merch artist campaign examples, success stories and best practice for driving sales and customer loyalty. Plus the opportunity to ask questions at the end.
This session will cover the fundamentals of creating an online shop, including:

1. The value of your unique selling point
2. The importance of knowing who your customers are
3. What products work best
4. What platforms to use
5. How to market products effectively

The live session has finished now but you can still re-watch the session at any time via the recording to the left.
You will find the presentation slides that DCN Tech Champion Emma Roberts shows during the session in the links section at the left.

You can reach out to both Emma and Tiina via their virtualWOMEX profile should you wish to find out more about their work and the Digital Culture Network.