Discovery Sessions

A glimpse of sounds and scenes of Finland in 10-minute presentations

Discovery Session Speakers
Risto Blomster by Gary Wornell
Salla Korja Paloniemi by Mikko Mäntyniemi
Alfonso Padilla by Luis Padilla
Elina Seye

Session 2

Living, Thriving Heritage!
The story of the Finnish Romani songs

chaired by Risto Blomster (Finland), Global Music Centre

This session tells the story of the Finnish Romani songs in a nutshell: themes, melodies, styles and the transmission of tradition. Examples are from the repertoire of folk singer Hilja Grönfors.

Moving Music and Dance to 360°
Experiencing unique sounds and movement in immersive VR format

chaired by Salla Korja-Paloniemi (Finland), Tsuumi Dance Theatre

This session speaks about the power of experiencing world music and dance in VR and its distribution highlights using the VR 360° film Devil’s Lungs (by Puhti artist and Alla Kovgan) as an example.

Finnish Tango, Perkele!
Many faces of Finnish tango

chaired by Alfonso Padilla (Chile/Finland), Global Music Centre

Discover this research project that depicts a bilingual and multifaceted history of Finnish tango. The unique phenomenon is studied as a reflection of national and cultural identity and compared to the history of Argentinian tango.

African Music in Finland
Contacts and collaborations

chaired by Elina Seye (Finland), University of Helsinki

The African music scene in Finland is characterised by transcultural collaborations. Find out how contacts between African and Finnish professionals have shaped this scene from the 1980s onwards.