Dona Onete


Dona Onete by Walda Marques
Dona Onete by Walda Marques


In the five years since the release of her debut album, Dona Onete has become a cult figure in Brazil, toured in Australia, Europe and the US, released two more acclaimed albums of her joyously outré carimbós and been hailed as the grande dame of Amazonian music.
This year, she celebrated her 80th birthday. This late blossoming career comes after a life spent variously as a history teacher, folklore researcher, union representative, culture secretary and children’s author. Although she sang as a teenager, she was obliged to give it up when she married. Now she’s relishing the full circle and collecting fans far and wide with songs championing gay rights, ruminating on the delights of indecent proposals, praising a former lover for his “crazy ways of making love” and other reflections of a voice of experience.

Dona Onete - vocals
Pio Lobato - guitar
JP Cavalcante - percussion
Breno Oliveira - bass
Marcos Sarrazin - saxophone, keyboard
Vovô Batera - drums

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