Echoes of Zoo



Busting out of the genre cage like a tiger escaping captivity, Echoes of Zoo pool their considerable talents to produce high-octane psychedelic jazz infused with an eclectic range of western, oriental and African influences, played with a punk attitude. If that ever becomes a genre then its leading light will be Echoes of Zoo’s founder Nathan Daems, multi-instrumentalist and composer, already a ubiquitous force on the Belgian scene and beyond; known for projects such as Karsilama Quintet, Black Flower, Myrddin De Cauter and Ragini Trio, exploring traditional Greek and Turkish music, Ethio-jazz, contemporary Flamenco and Indian forms, as well as excursions into Balkan and Gypsy swing, Indonesian trance, ska and jazz in many other collaborations. With Echoes of Zoo, Daems and his skilled companions draw on all these influences to create a liberating and original sound.