Electric Jalaba



Electric Jalaba are seekers after the source vibrations born in the ancient culture of spontaneous creation, drawing from the deep well of Moroccan Gnawa music and aligning its hypnotic, healing pulse with shapes of psychedelia, echoes of Jamaican dub, the cyclical trance of electronic music and the transformations of jazz. The London-based sextet is led by Moroccan-born singer and guimbri player Simo Lagnawi and producer/bassist Olly Keen. They recently released their third album, El Hal, after a five-year absence and the six-piece is stronger than ever, with Italian/English drummer Dave De Rose and three more Keen brothers, Henry, Nathaniel and Barnaby, on synths and percussion, bringing an innate familial empathy to the improvisational excursions. El Hal translates as 'feeling', specifically being at one with the rhythm of the universal groove. Electric Jalaba can take you there.