Elkin Robinson


Photo Credit: Fela Photography


The tiny island of Old Providence lies within the Colombian Caribbean, yet the mother tongue is an English-based creole and it’s said the inhabitants feel more Caribbean than Colombian. Singer-songwriter Elkin Robinson grew up on the island absorbing the various sounds blowing in on the Caribbean winds: calypso, mento, zouk and gospel. All these influences were absorbed into his ‘Old Providence new roots’ sound, based on his guitar and traditional instruments such as horse-jawbone, shakers and tub-bass, full of easy-loping positive grooves and messages to match. His 2014 album, Come’Round, made enough waves to take him to mainland Colombia for festivals and win further trips to Germany, Jamaica and Canada. His latest release, Sun a Shine, was produced by Richard ‘Sidestepper’ Blair and brings the warm goodtime feeling of Old Providence to the rest of the world.

Elkin Robinson - vocals, guitar
Jorge Hyman - maracas, backing vocals
Carlos Robinson - clave, backing vocals
Senen Rivera - horse jaw
Jonathan Avelino Whitake - tub
Felipe Salazar - electro acoustic guitar