Elle Marja


Elle Marja by Louise Somby
Elle Marja by Jarle Hagen


Elle Marja is a yoiker, singer, award-winning short-film director, composer for film and theatre and active ambassador for Sámi culture and rights. Sung in her native Sápmi language, her songs are suffused with the atmosphere of her northern Norway homeland, resonating with the spirits meeting at the intersection between yoiks, electronic and Indigenous music, inspired by the tundra, forests and the day-to-day life of her upbringing in a reindeer-herding family, distilled through glistening digital landscapes provided by Morten Hyld Pettersen.
Since 2017, Elle has also been a part of the Snoweye project, alongside Scottish artist Lucy Parnell and former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones.
She recently collaborated with composer Christophe Beck for the soundtrack of the feature film, The 12th Man, and was this year commissioned to compose music for the Sámi National Theatre.

Elle Marja - vocals, film
Morten Hyld Pettersen - electronics, guitar, vocals