Emilia Amper


Emilia Amper by Olof Grind
Emilia Amper by Olof Grind


Emilia Amper’s open minded exploration of her instrument’s possibilities, coupled with her energetic virtuosity, has taken her across stylistic borders and around the world. After emerging from her various academic studies, she set out as a freelance musician in 2011. Since then, she has toured across Europe, China, USA, Canada Namibia, India, Iran, Hong Kong and Brazil: as a solo artist, with her Emilia Amper Band or other projects such as The Forbidden Orchestra, ODE, Furebotten/Amper/Haltli; as a soloist with chamber and symphony orchestras; in collaborations with various pop/rock/jazz and folk musicians from different parts of the world, as well as dance and theatre projects.
Along the way she’s picked up major awards and nominations for her two albums, where her own compositions and traditional arrangements combine with a rhythmic drive that ensures maximum audience uplift.

Emilia Amper - nyckelharpa, vocals
Sofia Högstadius - violin
Anders Löfberg - cello
Fredrik Gille - percussion