Equal accessibility through international capacity building

Experiences from Nepali-Finnish collaboration

Riju Tuladhar by Tija Grebieniow
Vilma Timonen by Sini Pennanen/Sininenkuva


Chaired by Riju Tuladhar (Nepal), Kathmandu University – Department of Music;
with Vilma Timonen (Finland), Sibelius Academy;

Tuladhar and Timonen will share the ways of working that they have experienced have contributed in new approaches in both, artistic and educational fields. Since their collaboration started in 2013, a new educational programme at NMC has been established, Echoes in the Valley –festival in Kathmandu has seen first two editions, various musical collaborations have been taking place, including tours in Nepal and Finland. They will further discuss how this kind of collaborative musician-teacher partnerships have the potential for opening opportunities to wider range of student-musicians, that in the end, are the future of the folk music in this globalized world. How can we encourage and support students to establish partnerships that are the first step towards the global community in the arts? What are the challenges and what are the points of learning?